TRANSPORTATION to and from this year’s FANHS Conference:

We have secured a special discount code through Uber and its discounted line uberX so you can get to the Filipino American National Historical Society’s 2014 Conference in San Diego!

To get $25 off your first Uber or uberX ride, sign up at “” or download the app, and enter the promo code FANHS14. You can even use this code from your home to the airport (if the service is available in your city). You can certainly use the code from the airport to the Kona Kai Resort. You can use the code to get around town here in San Diego.

Uber is an app that allows you to request a ride with the tap of a button. Drivers arrive curbside in just minutes, you can track the arrival of your ride on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry and payment is charged directly to your credit card on file.

Their new low cost option, uberX is 40% cheaper than a TAXI! Also, you no longer have to worry about IOU’s. Easily share the cost of a ride with friends using Uber’s Fare Split tool in the app.

Not sure how to Uber? It’s easy!

iPhone, Android or Blackberry:

  1. Download the app
  2. Select your pick up location
  3. Request a ride

VERY IMPORTANT: YOU MUST ENTER THE CODE (FANHS14) in the phone application BEFORE you request a ride. Otherwise, you will not receive the $25 credit. Also, If you use LYFT or SIDECAR, Steve Yagyagan has his personal codes you can use to save money since both companies have not responded yet with a FANHS code. They too are about 40% less than a cab service. The LYFT Code is “BOYSAN” and the SIDECAR code is “FRPSS” – don’t forget to download their applications to your smart phone



Use online form to schedule your transportation or call for more info(800) BLUE-VAN (800-258-3826)

TIP #1: If you have already used an UBER, LYFT or SIDECAR code in the past, the applications will not allow you to use the discounted codes.

TIP #2: Using these rideshare companies will save you money versus using a cab service. Use all three while traveling around San Diego (to and from the airport, unless you can get a FREE SHUTTLE; around town to restaurants).

TIP #3: If you are in the middle of a rideshare ride and you are stuck in traffic but you are a block away and you are fine with walking, do so. You’ll save money versus paying to sit in the vehicle.

Finally, neither your local FANHS chapter nor FANHS National endorses either one of the three major rideshare companies. We are simply offering you solutions to save money on transportation. The choice is yours when selecting any mode of transportation.

Questions? Contact! or Steve Yagyagan (San Diego FANHS Chapter) via his work cell (619) 517-3940 or e-mail: in case you have any challenges.